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About Nurse Janna Champagne, BSN, RN

The Back Story

Janna's introduction to the cannabis industry began as a cannabis patient when she suffered a health collapse in 2012.  

Janna credits cannabis for helping to reduce her reliance on harmful pharmaceuticals, and for supporting her ability to regain optimal health status.  Janna is also known for her daughter's cannabis/Autism success story, which published on the cover story in a nationwide industry magazine in 2017.

Patient Services

Janna has educated thousands of patients, helping them optimize their cannabis therapy outcomes through an individualized and well-informed approach.   Janna has extensive clinical application knowledge, including considerations of cannabis therapy, and which products might best fit a patient's situation.   This lends to her current expertise formulating symptom-targeted cannabis products, and ensuring patient's find optimal medical cannabis formulations.

Elevating Cannabis Businesses

Janna provides a variety of services that may benefit cannabis industry businesses:

  • Product formulation assistance (symptom targeting, medical quality certification) 
  • Medical and staff dispensary education
  • Research review and written content author
  • Prominent cannabis advocate, presenter, and public speaker

Interviews: Nurse Janna

Nurse Janna video interview for the Curious About Cannabis podcast, on the topic of cannabis research and optimal medical cannabis formulations.

Nurse Janna on Autism & Cannabis w/Hillary Raimo

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